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“A true gem in the making”

“A true gem in the making.. the anticipation was high.. the encounter is plain magic, the aesthetic invites to daydream, the craftsman ship gives us goosebumps, Thankyou ever so much this is just perfect.”

— Sylvain Chevelu, Director of Sales & Marketing

Sketch Mayfair Flower Show, 2018


“Figa & Co have commandeered the futuristic East bar, installing a breathtaking, ombré assortment of delphiniums as well as several mossy animal figurines."

— Architectural Digest

Sketch Mayfair Flower Show, 2017.

“Delphinium masterpiece”

“No trip to Sketch would be complete without a peek at the iconic ‘pod’ toilets, made even more Instagram-able by the addition of Figa & Co’s delphinium masterpiece. With clouds of topiary in the shapes of rabbits and the staircase awash with deep indigo and blue toned blooms, this is an area not to be forgotten about.”

— The Arbuturian, 2017.